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This IG-Worthy Halal Eatery In Pasir Ris Has SG’s First Volcano Buns, DIY Pasta, Curry Mee And More

If you reside in the East, you’ll want in on this: there’s a brand new halal eatery in Pasir Ris, with seven unique stalls and an IG-worthy space to boot! Just opened in November 2021, KAAAKIS is the spot to bookmark for your next hangout sesh with fellow Easties.

KAAAKIS serves halal food at Pasir Ris West Plaza

Located right smack in the heartlands of Pasir Ris Street 72, the multi-concept eatery is conveniently located at the entrance of Pasir Ris West Plaza. Steps away from the drop-off point near 7-Eleven, you’ll find this dining enclave, fitted with bright and modern finishings that liven up the casual neighbourhood setting.

Head inside and pick your table; seats are aplenty and well spaced out, and there are even swing seats for something unique. There are also multiple ceiling fans for better ventilation. You’ll even find ‘gram-worthy spots, such as a neon-lit wall with cute signage. More seats will be available in 2022 as well.

Those who love their breakfast fare can now have it at any time of the day with Heavenly Wang’s lineup of local favourites.

You won’t go wrong with the Traditional Kaya Butter Toast Set ($4.80), which comes with four generous slices of kaya butter toast, two soft-boiled eggs, and a hot kopi or teh. Alternatively, if you’re up for something more interesting, go for the Yuzu Cream Cheese Toast ($2)!

Consider the Open Toasties ($3.60) for a dose of savoury goodness. The Luncheon Sunrise is an open-faced toast loaded with the full works: egg mayo, mozzarella cheese, and savoury luncheon chunks, while the Tuna Melt features shredded tuna instead of luncheon meat.

Don’t miss the aptly named Volcano Buns ($4.50), too. The Mentaiko Blast sees a mountain of pink-hued mentaiko sauce on a soft toasted bun, with generous egg mayo sandwiched in between. Enjoy the components together for a rich, creamy, and umami-filled bite!

For those who prefer familiarity, there are several local delights to choose from. The signature Laksa Sayang Set ($6.60) comes with a cup of hot kopi or teh and a piping hot bowl of laksa, which is filled to the brim with lemak gravy, fresh prawns, fishcake slices, and a hard-boiled egg.



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