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Heavenly Wang: “A trio of Nasi Lemak Kukus that will leave you salivating and satiated”

Admittedly, my daily coffee run involves me walking over to my coffee machine at home and pressing a single button. While that screams convenience, I know plenty of us whose coffee ritual is to swing by Heavenly Wang for their reliable kopi, toast, and local favourites.

Now, however, I’m so glad that they’ve expanded their menu to include a section called Wang Nasi Lemak Kukus, which includes three signature rice options to pair with your favourite protein. At a set price of S$8.50, there’s three Nasi (rice) options to choose from—Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kuning, and Nasi Ulam. Each set also comes with Homemade Barley for some great bang-for-your-buck option.

What I Tried

The Ayam Lemak Set looked indeed heavenly with its silky coconut curry gravy cascading down a slow-cooked chicken leg. I had this with Nasi Lemak and the richness was undeniable. I savoured the gravy with every spoonful of rice, but what really brought this dish to life was the sambal telur (sambal with boiled egg).

Pulling on the reigns of being spicy, this sambal leaned towards a sweeter profile, making it an ideal complement to the robust Nasi Lemak.

I’m so pleased to see an Ayam Bakar Set on the list, because it’s honestly one of my favourite Indonesian chicken dishes. Painted generously with sweet soy sauce (kicap manis), the fork-tender sous vide chicken leg ripped to shreds with little help. The chicken is braised in spices and satay marinade before being grilled, allowing the intensity of flavours to permeate through the skin and flesh beautifully.

Having this with Nasi Kuning came with an inviting aroma that was pleasantly punctuated by the sambal once again.

However, if you had to pick only one to commit yourself to, it has to be the Ayam Goreng Kremes Set with Nasi Ulam. For the uninitiated, nasi ulam is a traditional Betawi and Malay dish of steamed rice served with various herbs and vegetables. For the ulam here, it’s made with various herbs, including lime leaves and ginger flowers, so every spoonful of rice blossoms into a bouquet on the nose.

The crispy fried chicken gives way to a praise-worthy, succulent centre and crackling skin that’s notably herbaceous—thanks to the use of turmeric. Colour me impressed; this Wang Nasi Lemak Kukus trio will spoil you for choice.

Final thoughts

While Heavenly Wang is well-known for its core offerings like kopi and local bites, this development of its menu sees the brand really stepping up and taking rice a little more seriously. I’m blown away by how well-seasoned and balanced all their dishes are, especially with the introduction of little-known nasi ulam into a mainstream coffee stop.

If I’ve convinced you enough to head down to a Heavenly Wang and order yourself one of the plates from their Wang Nasi Lemak Kukus menu, these are the places it is currently available:

  • Heavenly Wang @ Safra Mount Faber

  • Heavenly Wang @ Safra Punggol

  • Heavenly Wang @ Heartbeat@Bedok

  • Heavenly Wang @ Sengkang Hospital (coming soon!)

I suppose now I’ll be tempted to reconfigure my daily coffee routine to include a pitstop at Heavenly Wang just for a bite of their Ayam Goreng Kremes Set—and I highly recommend you do the same.

Expected damage: From S$7.80 per dish (a la carte)



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