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HEAVENLY WANG sets its sights on the muslim community

Wang Café expands halal upmarket local café brand for an all‐inclusive dining experience for Singaporeans and International Visitors.

Singapore, 31 July 2013 – Heavenly Wang is pleased to announce that it has been certified Halal by The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis). Widely recognized and trusted by the Muslim community in Singapore, the certification further strengthened the café’s move to widen its reach to the Muslim community.

The all‐day local dining café is a brand under Wang Café, one of the many pioneer kopi toast local cafés established in 1953. Whilst Wang Café with more than 26 outlets islandwide, has had its products made from halal‐certified bakery and central kitchens, the move to make Heavenly Wang halal‐certified was aimed to provide greater assurance to local and international Muslim customers at its key locations in Changi Airport.

Director of Operations for Wang Cafe, Mr Koh Kian Leong shared, “We wanted to ensure all Singaporeans and as many visitors get to enjoy a slice of Wang. The Halal certification gives us the opportunity to serve a diverse community and further supports our expansion plans as it provides greater assurance to our Muslim customers who want to enjoy good quality and delicious food at affordable prices amidst the cozy ambience of a local café. We aim to open more outlets in the city from the current x outlets, with plans to expand in other Muslim populated countries”.

Besides offering the same traditional toast sets as its sister brand, Heavenly Wang also serves authentic local delights such as Laksa, Mee Siam, and Curry Chicken alongside traditional biscuits and pastries.

Set in a backdrop of modern colour palatte, Heaven Wang’s trademark floor‐to‐ceiling traditional biscuit wall, wooden booth seats and vintage gate grills, adds nostalgia that is reminiscent of its humble beginnings in the 50s, matched with retro plush seats offers a comfy retreat to enjoy company and conversations with friends and family over coffee.



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